New project in Montreuil
GFC architecture - New project in Montreuil
GFC has been selected between other offices to realize 32 dwellings in Montreuil.
Soon more information and images about the project.
7 floating housing
GFC architecture - 7 floating housing
The materiality of the facades and the wooden construction system emphasize the criteria of sustainability and limitation of the carbon footprint. Each house can be personalized with a different cladding.
GFC architecture -
We are currently looking for an architect (6-12 months experience in housing in France), an intern in architecture and direction and development assistant (experience in public tenders, or interest to learn required). If you are interested and your profile matches, thank you to send us an email with your CV and portfolio to specifying in the subject for which position you are applying.
GFC architecture - Materiality
GFC architecture -

Great news! Our office has been awarded with the European Architecture and Design Award 40 Under 40!
Forty architects and designers were selected this year by the jury from across fourteen nations: Austria, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

This year's awarded Europe 40 Under 40," states Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, Museum President, The Chicago Athenaeum, "are some of the brightest and most progressive architects and designers ever selected in this program over the years. Their work is highly innovative, densely imaginative, and full of a new spirit that characterizes European design today."

Congratulation to all other awarded teams!

-Samuel Gonçalves, Summary-Samuel Gonçalves, (Portugal)
-Gian Luca Gaudenzi, NZI ARCHITECTES, (France)
-Fanny Landeau, ATELIER 56S (France)
-Benjamin Bore, Julien Perraud, Thomas Durand, Raum (France)
-Jean-Louis Le Didier, BAST, (France)
-Sven Matt, Innauer Matt Architekten, (Austria)
-Alexandros Kitriniaris, KAAF-Kitriniaris Associates Arch, (Greece)
-Thanasis Polyzoidis, Topio7, (Greece)
-Je Ahn, Studio Weave, (United Kingdom)
-Jose Cadilhe, diONISO LAB, (Portugal)
-Isabelle Buzzo, Buzzo Spinelli Architecture,(France)
-Lina Lagerstrom, SEPTEMBRE, (Sweden)
-Gabor Fabian, arkt studio, (Hungary)
-Maelle Tessier, Tact architectes, (France)
-Lina Ghotmeh, Lina Ghotmeh Architecture, (France)
-Guillermo Reynes, Gras Architectos, (Spain)
-Christoph Hesse, Christoph Hesse Architects, (Germany)
-Augustin Fausheur, Augustin Faucheur Architecture & Urbanism, (France)
-Aristides Dallas, AD Architects, (Greece)
-Melike Altinisik, MELIKE ALTINISIK ARCHITECTS, (Turkey)
-Andrea Guazzieri Valerio Ciotola, Raul Forsoni, GFC, (Italy/France)
-Clement Devignes, TAG Architects, (France)
-Juan Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez Architekten GmBH, (Switzerland/Spain)
-Francois Guinaudeau, TITAN, (France)
-Jorge Cheng, Lorena Franco de Souza Ferreyra, Cheng Franco Architectos, (United Kingdom)

GFC architecture -

Andrea Guazzieri, together with Umberto Napolitano, will be one of the two tutors of Diploma 5 at AA School in London.

This year Diploma 5 will focus on Pairs, questioning the relation between form, city and density.

“The urban fabric of Paris and its buildings provide a powerful source of inspiration for the design of such a tool as – taking both population and employment into account – the city remains one of the top five cities in the world in terms of human density. Working within such a complex cityscape, we will ground our efforts in the thinking of urban planner Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, who was appointed a Prefect of the Seine department, 1853–70, to engage the intricate relationship between change and consistency demanded by an architectural project. Haussmann reformed the foundations of Paris to accommodate the demands of nineteenth century modernisation. If we consider the size of the urban fabric involved (75 per cent of the built environment) and the speed of the works (less than 20 years), we can almost consider Haussmann’s Paris a planned and designed city project all of its own.

With an eye on today, one can decipher the properties of Haussmann’s urban intervention through a process of classification and comparative analysis. At each level – and according to each component – the urban fabric of Haussmann’s Paris expresses a set of characteristics that guarantee several fundamental balances: density and viability, permanence and resilience, identity and universality, exceptionalism and inclusiveness. This unit will study these features based on the experiences that students will draw from housing projects in Paris. Aiming to consider the individual architectural project as part of a larger composition, students will begin with ‘a real framework’ – looking to planning regulations, accessibility requirements and fire-safety regulations for the site – to learn how to find freedom in this very constrained system.”

New project at Vitry-Sur-Seine
GFC architecture - New project at Vitry-Sur-Seine
GFC has been selected to design 7 individual dwellings near Paris.
of the challenges of this project is to preserve a strong transparency between the street and the interior of the island.
A second living room
The interior and exterior systhem of double skin allows to create a filter in front of each dwelling. Thus, each of the 71 homes, from studios to apartments, benefits from a winter garden on the entire length of its facade, thus benefiting from an additional 1/4 additional surface area. This outer space becomes the natural extension of each apartment in the hot times.
Core 1.1 - Fontys Academy
GFC architecture - Core 1.1 - Fontys Academy

For the third time, Raul Forsoni will attend core 1.1 at Fontys Academy in Tilburg, NL.

Bodies Space and Surface.

"The course explores the notion of surface and its relation to the body and space.

Light and shadow, movements and obstructions are investigated through the studies of surface qualities.

At different scale whether wrapping bodies, spaces or buildings, the permeability and rigidity of envelopes encourage or obstruct movements and actions."

Faisability study for the renewal of an office building in Paris
We are currently busy on a feasibility study for a project for the restauration of an office building in Paris, together with Paris based office LAN.
Runner Up Pantin
GFC architecture - Runner Up Pantin
Our project Ex-changing production has been awarded with the second price for the site of Pantin in Europan 14! A special thanks to all out team!
Ex-Changing Production
GFC architecture - Ex-Changing Production
Office layout
GFC architecture - Office layout
The offices are organized around 5 double-height spaces that can take on different functions as needed: meeting rooms, exhibition spaces, private areas or places to relax.
These spaces are the real living places of the building. Visible from the inside and the outside, these spaces will be the showcase of the company’s activity.
Day and night
During the day, on anodized aluminum facades, the reflections of the colors of the environment prevail over the perforations of the panels, defining the pure form of the building.
At night the game is reversed: the light of the trays makes the facade permeable and transparent. It reveals the inner life, as well as the organization and character of the architecture.
MEGA Office extension
Renewal of 72 dwelling block in Naples
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