GFC architecture - 7 dwellings
GFC architecture - 7 dwellings
GFC architecture - 7 dwellings
GFC architecture - 7 dwellings

Located at the municipal boundary between Vitry and Villejuif on a corner plot, the project proposes to question the relationship between suburban expansion and territory.

This project is based on two postulates of the city of tomorrow and on a question: on the one hand, the private car that remains a requirement of today and tomorrow. In fact, with the evolution of shared transport, it will always be less common to own a car. On the other hand, the idea that the earth is a limited and precious resource. As architects we have the duty to value every square meter and imagine how our architecture can evolve to adapt to lifestyle changes.

In place you row houses with underground parking, we opted to raise everything on one floor, and completely empty the ground floor.

The ground floor space will initially serve as an entrance area, covered terrace, garden extension, or parking for one or two vehicles. But in the future, depending on the choice of inhabitants, simply adding 4 walls, this space can become a natural extension of the house.The whole operation is made unique using two materials: wood for the structure and aluminium for the facades.The use of a prefabricated and standardized wood beam structure allows rationalization and optimization of construction costs.



- A&F Investment


- 2019


- 1.2 M€ HT

brut floor area

- 690 m² SDP


- dwellings


- on going


lead group representative


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