GFC architecture - 5 dwellings - Belleville
GFC architecture - 5 dwellings - Belleville
GFC architecture - 5 dwellings - Belleville

Located in the heart of Belleville in Paris, this project for 5 wooden dwellings redefines a piece of rue des Envierges near the Belleville park.

The narrow plot - 6 meters wide on the road - gave us the opportunity to experiment with the type of housing and to design large T2 convertibles through the T3 and the last two floors to find a large T5 duplex.

The street façade looks for simple shapes and a sober writing, where large windows alternate with a wooden frame and a wooden frame and mark the image of the building. On the top floor, a generous retreat creates a terrace on the street.

On the side of the path, the building follows the shape of the parcel and the alignments of the neighboring buildings.

In addition to the objective criteria of sustainability, there is the need for sustainability in a broader sense, which favors the search for natural light, the quality of the materials, the external views and the flexibility of the spaces. All the criteria that fall within the function and allow the building to evolve and persist over time.



- YD


- 2018


- 0.7 M € HT

brut floor area

- 370 m2 SDP


- 5 appartamenti


- preliminare


architetto mandatario


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