GFC architecture - One Overpass
GFC architecture - One Overpass
GFC architecture - One Overpass
GFC architecture - One Overpass

The aim of the competition is to design a modular Flyover that can be adapted to various situations found on the Italian infrastructural network: i.e. a vast territory rich in local features.

That is why our project seeks to go beyond the demand for a geometric modularity or bridge typology and it rather develops a "system" that can respect and create dialogue with variety of contexts. By doing so, in addition to fulfilling a mere connectivity function, the bridge can become an indigenous symbol of integration between landscape, culture and economy.

The proposal for the «bridge for Italy» tries to draw a red line with what is the Italian tradition remained from the greatest infrastructural developers of the past: the Romans. The project re-call the «Conci» constructive system used by Romans for the structural arches of viaducts and bridges.

A single bridge has been divided into pieces variable in heights and lengths. When combined, these pieces guarantee the reaching of diverse spans and the configuration of various road sections. This leads to the creation of a genetic code (DNA) that gives birth to a variety of solutions adapting to the different Italian ecosystems.

The sinuous lines and fluid shape of the Overpass are the expression of movement generated by the flows that traverse it: a "Trait d'union" between road infrastructure and surrounding nature.

Our Bridge, besides becoming part of the landscape with its soft and natural shapes, can adopt to the various locations by changing its covering skin material which eventually returns a unique image at a time.





- 2016


- 3 M € HT

brut floor area

- 1000 m2


- Highway bridge and landscaping


- Competition, finalist


- Not required


lead group representative


structural engineering

- Bollinger + Grohmann


- UAP Studio

energy consultant

- Coppola - Rocco Architetti


- CortesiArchitetti

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