GFC architecture - Ferry Terminal
GFC architecture - Ferry Terminal
GFC architecture - Ferry Terminal
GFC architecture - Ferry Terminal
GFC architecture - Ferry Terminal

The Terminal is conceived as the confluence between the Han River Park and the city of Seoul. As the mixture of two different substances, work and leisure flow together in a mutual embrace forming spaces and terraces overlooking the park, the city and the river. Nestling on the Han River, the Terminal enjoys views from all sides and ample sunlight thanks to its circular shape.

The project integrates the main programs into a unique and symbolic architecture. Commuters, leisure-seekers, curious tourists and workers of the Han River will all find an answer to their needs. The circulation is organised within a double vortex that allows the natural distribution of entrance and exit flows. Paths are organized around concentric circles while programs constantly loop together. In this way, the independence of the main transportation movements is assured.

One of the main focus, during the design process, has been on a search for flexibility. A sustainable building allows for changes and expansions within a minimum transformation of its original shape. Indeed, not only the terminal can be re-arranged internally but it can easily expand itself.

Sun exposure affects the inclination of the façade and allows a sensitive relation with the sun. All the openings oriented to the south have inclined façades which during the summer allow for a natural solar shading. The terminal will also make the best use of its position by evaporative cooling and heat exchange with the water. A natural ventilation system will take advantage of prevailing winds coming from South West and passing through the central ring of the building.



- Municipality of Seoul


- 2016 - 2017


- 20,5 M € HT

brut floor area

- 4500 m2


- Ferry Terminal


- Competition


- Not required


lead group representative



- Not required

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