GFC architecture - Primary school
GFC architecture - Primary school
GFC architecture - Primary school

Viewed from above, the urban fabric of Riccione suggests a great mosaic. Between one tile and the other, small intervals of green fill the interstitial, narrow, and fragmented spaces. The only exception is represented by public buildings such as schools, institutions, churches that break the regular organization of housing units and give rise to occasional opportunities for confrontation and social activities.

Our project for the New School Panoramica di Riccione proposes a synthesis of the predominant elements of the context such as the pitched roof, the materiality and the alternation built / green. Thus, our proposal, starting from the generative principles of the urban fabric of Riccione, strengthens its identity.

The project includes a small city inside the city: safe roads connect classrooms and workshops, crossing the three inner courtyards that become the centrepiece of school life, bringing light and quality to the indoor environment. Within this polycentric organization, the spaces are flexible and the interchangeable functions. The classrooms are designed as multifaceted and modulating spaces, proportionate and thought in favour of a multicentre way of teaching. The constructive system generates large spaces without pillars that can affect its use.

The use of natural and recycled materials, the degree of efficiency in construction and operation, all contribute to achieving a minimum impact on the environment throughout the whole life cycle of the building.



- Municipality of Riccione


- 2017


- 2,5 M € HT

brut floor area

- 2048 m2


- Primary school


- Competition


- Not required


lead group representative


structural engineering

- Gamma Ingegneria


- Icaro s.r.l.

electrical engineer

- Ing. De Lucia


- Dinamicamente


- FOR Architects Engineering

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