GFC architecture - San Germano`s Bath
GFC architecture - San Germano`s Bath
GFC architecture - San Germano`s Bath
GFC architecture - San Germano`s Bath
GFC architecture - San Germano`s Bath

St Germain Stoves are one of the most valuable assets of the Agnano thermal complex, a unique example of dry, natural saunas.

The building presents a series of historical stratifications ranging from the first great project designed by the architect Arata to the early '900 and erected on the foundations of a Roman building to the complete distortion of it following the changes made in the 1970s, up to the recent changes produced at the beginning of the 2000s.

The approach to this renovation is therefore, divided into two phases: the first is an «depuration» phase in which the superfluous is removed and the various historical interventions are uncovered. The second phase reinterprets the space trying to recreate a succession of environments recalling the typical scheme of Roman baths and shows the essence of the spatial changes produced over the years on the building.

St Germain Stoves extend on one level to the ground floor where, from the main entrance, you can access the two main programs: The Spa department and the aesthetic centre. The new distributive scheme brings together all the main environments through a single axis of circulation: a range of spaces, axialities and uses that trace a clear, ritual, physical and experiential connection with the ancient Roman tradition.

The restoration project therefore recasts the perception of unitary and coherent intervention by defining some «spatial and material» rules that are applied to all the interior spaces. However, the realization of small details in the interior the finishings ask for a critical reading of the artefact and the recognition of «historical» ambient from those of the modern era.



- Nuove Terme di Agnano


- 2016 - 2017


- 1,5 M € HT

brut floor area

- 1624 m2


- SPA, Center of hydrotherapy, beauty salon


- Direct control. Delivery scheduled for December 2017


- Not required


lead group representative


structural engineering

- Perimetri srl

mep et electrical engineer

- CDS Ingegneria


- Edilgen srl

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